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1. I come to China / at an important time. (口译:我到中国来访问,正逢一个重要的时刻。) 

2. They built the bridge / in two months. (口译:他们建这座桥,只花了两个月。)

3. Aristotle, the greatest of the ancient Greek writers, / had written a work containing all the knowledge of his time. (口译:亚里士多德,这位最伟大的古希腊作家,曾写了一部囊括同时代所有知识的著作。) 

4. It is nevertheless many years since / our two worlds first touched. (口译:但是,很久以前我 们两个世界就开始接触了。) 

5. Several more fundamental proposals are advanced / for consideration by the General Assembly / for possible action in the longer term. (口译:一些更基本的建议也提了出来,供大会审议,以便采取更长期的行动。) 

6. Twentieth century history shows / the impressive adaptive capacity of international relations / based on multinational principles and norms. (口译:二十世纪的历史表明,国际关系具有惊人的调整适应能力,而这种国际关系的基础是多边原则与准则。) 

7. The United Nations must further strengthen its capacity / for launching coherent and coordinated humanitarian actions, / under the guiding principles of humanity, neutrality and impartiality. (口译:联合国必须进一步加强其能力,发起一致而又协调的人道主义的行动。这一切指导原则是人道、中立、公正。) 

8. This can only be achieved / translating principles and norms into concrete deeds / affecting the way people live. (口译:要实现这一点,只有把原则和准则化为具体的行动,对人民生活方式产生影响的行动。) 

9. They are steadily finding new means / of protecting themselves and others from radioactivity. (口译:他们正在不断地寻找新的方法来保护自己和他人免受放射性伤害。)

10. Governments have a crucial role to play / in promoting social human development and / in providing the poor with the necessary working skills. (口译:政府要发挥十分重要的作用,以促进社会的人力开发、并使穷人获得必要的劳动技能。) 

11. These developments are bound to affect the patterns of international trade, production and investment / of both members and non-members of regional groupings. (口译:这些发展情况必将影响国际贸易、生产和投资的格局,对区域组织的成员国和非成员国都是如此。)

12. It is a great privilege / while we are guests in your country / to be able to welcome you and the Chinese who are present here / as our guests this evening. (口译:非常荣幸有机会在贵国做客期间欢迎您和今晚在座的诸位中国客人。) 

13. I was surprised / at what he said. (口译:我很吃惊,他竟然这样说话。)

14. They have been working busily / since 8 o’clock in the morning. (口译:他一直忙着干活儿, 从早上八点到现在。)

15. He has established a dialogue / on human rights at the highest levels of government / and with regional and national institutions worldwide. (口译:他已经开始了对话,就人权问题在政府最高一级进行对话,并与世界各地的区域和国家机构进行对话。) 

16. They will get the preparation done / before considering other proposals. (口译:他们要把准 备工作做完,然后再考虑其他建议。)
Teaching Materials of English-Chinese Interpretation
By Zhang Wenghui 2 

二、反说 先变后: 

1. First of all, let’s make a rollcall before we put the draft resolution to vote.(让我们首先点点 名,然后我们再把决议付诸表决。) 

2. He had carefully read through the instructions before doing his experiment. (他仔细通读了 说明书,然后才开始进行实验。)

3. We shall decide on procedural matters before we start a general debate.(我们将决定程序问 题,然后再开始一般性辩论。)

4. More tests should be conducted before we can come to a conclusion.(需要进行更多的实 验,然后我们才能得出结论。) 

5. Hence the French Government reflected at length and scrutinized the Treaty’s provisions carefully, taking into account also the progress of related work,before deciding to ratify this new international agreement. (所以法国政府非常认真地考虑并仔细审查了该条约的各项条款,考虑了有关工作的进展,然后才决定批准这个国际协定。) 后变先:

1. They are going to visit the country after examining all the relevant reports.(他们要访问该 国,但他们先要核查所有有关的报告。) 

2. Our meeting will resume after the delegates have read the text.(我们会议要继续开,但先 让代表看完案文。) 

3. We should discuss the problem at hand in detail after we had our dinner. (让我们详细地讨 论手头这个问题,在那以前我们先吃饭。)

4. We shall vote on the draft decision after we have voted on the amendments.(我们将表决决议 草案,在此之前先表决各项修正案。) 反句正译: 

1. Nothing is more harmful to the peaceful settlement of the dispute than his ill-timed statement.(对于冲突的解决,最有害的就是他这篇不合时宜的讲话。)(中文里直接用否定句开头的情况比较少,一旦开了头比较难顺下去。像这样的句子应避免否定式开头,如“没有任何事情??。”) 

2. No nation can live in peace without these principles.(任何国家要和平生存就必须遵守这些 原则。)

3. The air of lowlands is not so cool as that of hills.(低地的空气比山上的空气暖和一些。) 

4. Not until the jet engine had come into use could planes travel at supersonic speeds.(直到喷 气发动机开始使用时,飞机才能以超音速飞行。) 

5. Nothing could show more clearly that South Africa has over-come the shadows of its cast.(这 最清楚地表明:南非已经摆脱昔日的阴影。) 

6. Brazil is not insensitive to the question you have raised.(巴西关心您提出的问题。) 

7. I could not agree more with you.(我完全同意您的意见。) 

8. I would fail in my duty if I did not mention the tremendous assistance rendered by the Secretariat.(我有职责提及秘书处所提供的巨大支持。)(虽然这句话中没有no或not等否定词,但fail一词含有否定的意思,所以也可以用反句正译的方法来处理。) 

9. No one would accumulate weapons and war materials if not with the idea of some day using them.(人们储存武器和战争物资,就是想到有朝一日可能要使用这些东西。)