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App gives Japanese drivers free coffee for not checking their phones at the wheel




In a bid to convince drivers in Aichi Prefecture to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road, a new Japanese smartphone app offers free coffee coupons to drivers who don’t check their phones for at least 100 km.

For the last 13 years, Aichi Prefecture has recorded the highest rate of traffic fatalities in Japan. Last year, there were 443,691 accidents that resulted in injuries or deaths, and 50,101 arrests involving the use of smartphones while driving. With handhelds becoming such a big part of people’s lives, there appears to be an increase in violations of this nature, and authorities have yet to come up with an effective plan to combat the problem.

Interestingly, a trio of Japanese company seem to think that an ingenious new app could incentivize drivers to restrain themselves from checking their phones at the wheel and reduce the number of traffic accidents. Toyota Motor Corporation, Komeda Co Ltd and KDDI Corporation have teamed up to create Driving Barista, an app that uses the phone’s gyro sensor to sense the tilt of the device, and the GPS to determine the distance driven. This allows it to calculate the number of kilometers a driver has traveled with the smartphone facing down.
有趣的是,日前有三家日本公司认为,新开发的一款独具特色的App,可给予驾驶过程中不看手机的司机以物质奖励,从而有效减少交通事故的发生。日本丰田汽车公司、日本老牌咖啡连锁Komeda咖啡馆以及日本电讯商KDDI三家公司联合推出的Driving Barista手机App,可使用手机陀螺仪传感器来感知手机的倾斜程度,使用GPS来检测汽车的行驶里程,从而计算出司机保持手机屏幕朝下所行驶的距离。




When Driving Barista determines that the smartphone has not been tampered with for at least 100 kilometers, it will reward the driver with a coupon for a cup of blended or iced coffee at a Komeda Coffee Shop. The reward is earned after every 100 kilometers driven without checking the phone. If you tinker with it before reaching the mandatory 100km, the app will reset back at 0km.
当Driving Barista感知到手机在至少100公里内没有被“摆弄”时,就会奖励司机一张Komeda咖啡馆的混合咖啡或冰咖啡免费券。在不看手机的情况下每行驶100公里,就可以获得一张咖啡券。如果在未到达规定的100公里之前摆弄手机,行驶距离则归零。

Toyota claims that this is the first smartphone app that attempts to tackle traffic safety issues. “In line with contributing to the ultimate goal of achieving zero traffic fatalities and zero traffic accidents, Toyota has implemented automobile safety measures as one of its top priority management concerns,” said Shuichi Murakami, managing officer at Toyota. “By carrying out a new traffic safety education initiative together with Komeda and KDDI, we hope to further reduce traffic accidents.”

Driver Barista launched on September 20th and is available for both iOS and Android devices. For now, it only works in Aichi Pefecture.